Legion - Environment 3D Art
Maciej gornicki gate

Gates that were used to spawn armies. Different color for different army.

Maciej gornicki base0

Another version for army entry points onto battle ground.

Maciej gornicki rocks

Rocks and ruins covered with moss. Background for the battlefield.

Maciej gornicki obstacles

Obstacles and decorations for battlefield. The goal was to create interesting obstacles on the battlefield without obstructing view of the units.

Maciej gornicki faces

Ancient marble faces. Side decorations on the map.

Legion - Environment 3D Art

I did those environment assets in early 2017 working on a mobile project. Our art direction was to create Warhammer series look for mobiles platform. All assets are heavily optimized for mobile platforms. Most assets don't exceed 2000 triangles per object. Textures are packed together to improve performance. This project was very interesting to me because I had opportunity to work on in-house mobile engine. It was heavily optimized and we had simplified PBR rendering calculated in real-time on metal. Rendering quality of the engine is easily one of the top on mobiles.

More artwork
Maciej gornicki 12Maciej gornicki uiwgMaciej gornicki 2